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Hello! Welcome to PollyHeals.

I’m Polly and I help people suffering from physical discomfort and emotional distress by identifying and releasing toxic trapped emotions from past events from the body, so you can break the negative patterns and cycles, take the self-healing power back and have your life back on track again.

I know this matters to you because you want to have a real sense of control back over your life. You're hoping one day wake up in the morning realising that your body hasn't felt so great in a LONG time. You're looking for a sense of lightness as if a tonne of bricks are lifted off your chest and you can FINALLY breathe again.

The Suffering is Real.. (Tell me about it)

  • You feel like an anomaly as apparently, no conventional remedies or self-help books in the entire Universe seems to have an answer to what you’re experiencing.​

  • You keep looking and trying different modalities. You see some results but issues keep coming back. They just don’t seem to go away.

  • You keep worrying about your issues but the more you worry the worse they get. This drives you insane and your stress level is fully blown because of that.​


  • Your gut is telling you that there’s something much more to your issues, perhaps related to an unforgettable negative past experience or even some inherited stuff going on there, but nothing can quite validate what you think it could be.

  • You feel disconnected from the people around you, even your family and closest friends. You've thought to yourself or told people that you've got a wall around your heart. You find it really difficult to genuinely connect with others even if you try.


  • You feel kind of numb most of the time as if you can 'see' and 'hear' love but you can't 'FEEL' love.

  • You feel like you'll always be like this and nothing will help.


  • You're unable to enjoy life to the fullest, be present for yourself, family, career, relationships and your future as much as you want to be while having all these issues weighing you down.

Guess what, you already have the answer to your pain

Remember the time you got so angry and upset over that painful relationship with that particular someone? Those anger and sadness possibly have been HIDING INSIDE YOU for years without you even realising, stressing your body out over time until one day you start noticing that your body isn't feeling quite right.


The cycle can seem to be looping around the circle as if there's no end to light.  The good news is, there’s one person who "KNOWS IT ALL" about you, and that is YOU (surprise!), or more precisely, your subconscious mind. By asking your subconscious what the TRUE REASON of the issue is (Hint: about 90% of all discomfort you're experiencing is a result of past negative emotions still stuck inside your body), you can then have it removed IN SECONDS... FOR GOOD.

Image by Owen Yin

Ryan S.


Polly does her best to listen and understand the people who come to her for help. She pointed out that I had a heart wall when I told her that I’ve had low motivation and had trouble feeling anything emotionally. She worked on it and cleared the emotions that could have caused the heart wall to form. After a couple of sessions, I definitely feel more motivated and more excited to have new experiences. I’d definitely recommend working with Polly to everyone with any sort of physical, mental, or emotional issues.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

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