I believe we are all meant to live a balanced, joyful life carrying out our designated mission on Earth. But it becomes almost impossible when our physical discomfort and emotional blocks are tying us down, restricting our bodies, occupying our minds and blocking our hearts most of the time.

  • ​You've tried all the conventional approaches you could think of but there still seems to be a missing piece you just don't get to know about

  • You’re frustrated doing physical or mental health tests and assessments but all you get is "there's nothing much we can do" or you’ll just have to live with your conditions

  • You can’t drive very far or sit down very long. Pain killer has become your ‘best friend’ and gets you through most nights


  • You get emotionally triggered very easily by the most trivial things in the world, often regret how you react later but have no clue why you feel and act that way


  • You intuitively know that your physical discomfort or emotional distress are somewhat associated with the turmoil you've experienced in the past, but you don't know how to prove whether it's true


  • You’re sick of carrying those issues with you. You no longer want to live this way and are desperate to break the negative cycle so you can truly recover

I  totally feel you,
but you don't have to live this way

Being a highly sensitive empath, my life has always been an emotional, rocky road. Just like many people out there, I’ve been through a lot of emotional distress which eventually led me to chronic anxiety. When it reached its peak various physical symptoms started to show up which freaked me out even more. Seeing this emotion-related pattern in myself and people around me made me even more frustrated as I knew life shouldn't be this way. It urged me to "rescue" others and myself from suffering. As a result, I spent years looking for and learning different natural, non-toxic healing modalities in the hope of coming up the most effective, gentle and root cause-focus solutions for those in need.

So I totally get how frustrating and helpless it could be in this seemingly endless battle especially you're on your own. The good news is, you don't have to be this way.

There is a way to ACCESS the emotional root cause that is buried inside you, identify and literally RELEASE them IN SECONDS ON THE SPOT, so you can be SET FREE from the emotional baggage that is causing your current conditions and  regain  your body's  NATURAL SELF-RECOVERING POWER BACK  to realign, balance and restore itself.

And I am here to help you do exactly that.

I'm Polly Ng

Energy Healer 

I help humans overcome physical and emotional pain by working with their subconscious minds so they can get back on their feet, set free and lead more peaceful, purposeful lives.


SINCE I was a teen I've always had an interest in natural, holistic healing and alternative medicines, but I never thought about pursuing in this area. Instead, I graduated from Uni with Bachelor and Master degrees in Commerce just because I ‘had to’ due to family pressure. Later, I bumped into a few "life readers" who gave me similar messages over different periods of my life:


You have 'healing hands' and are here to help people heal.


Once miracle happens, it continues to happen in your life.

During years of my spiritual journey, I’ve had multiple callings of doing something for humanity. One night, I asked myself again the same old but “big question I’ve always asked since I was a child: “What is the purpose of my life?” After years of countless times of questioning I finally received the answer:​

“Save the World”

I would never forget this moment. I was shocked and speechless for a few seconds after hearing those three words coming out of my mouth because I sensed strongly that it was the Higher Power that brought me this message through my body. The next moment, I burst out in tears and cried so hard for the next hour or so (not exaggerating) not only because I still couldn't get over what I had just experienced, but the message itself spoke so true to me. It was the first time I truly felt that I finally found my true self and the reason for my existence on Earth.


In the next few years after that incidence, I kept looking for clues to “save the world”. I finally came across energy healing and The Emotion Code. Although still skeptical, a voice kept telling me that “this is it”. I decided to go on this healing journey and have cleared a lot of the negative emotions and energies which helped me with my pain and anxiousness. After having my heart-wall removed and awakened my heart, it has become even more clear to me that helping others get back on their feet on their self-recovering journey is my light work mission in this lifetime.

Image by Philippe LIGOT

Iva T.
Bali Indonesia

Feminine Energy Imbalance

The biggest benefit of working with Polly is really being real... all these controlling and triggering emotions that really manipulate and run our lives. The less we have them the easier it is to live, the easier we can focus on the positives.

Image by Billy Huynh

Don't wait,
start feeling better today.