Tear Down Your Heart-Wall

The Heart - The Second Brain in your Body

The heart is considered as the "second brain" for a valid reason. It generates about 60-1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain. What's most fascinating is that 95% of the communication is from the heart to the brain, only 5% is the other way around.

Fun fact: It is proven science that your love for someone sends a powerful magnetic signal to them from your heart-brain. And your heart waves actually appear in the other person’s brainwaves!

But, what if your amazing heart has a wall around it?

Signs of having a Heart-Wall

  • Chronic neck, shoulder and chest pains

  • Low immunity and energy levels

  • Addiction or craving - e.g. alcohol, food, behavioural issues or illnesses

  • Anxiety, depression. Feeling disconnected from others 

  • Emotional pain from the past or traumatic childhood still creeping in from time to time in your current life

  • You 'see' love, but unable to FEEL love

  • You're an empath or a highly sensitive person (HSP) - you're sensitive to not only your own but also other's emotions and energies

  • Have a hard time attracting abundance 

  • You KNOW that you have a mission in life but can't put your finger on it, making you feel lost and frustrated

  • You're now ready to make a REAL change in life


One of the most important discoveries

in the history of energy medicine 


Did you know that about 93% of the population have a Heart-Wall? It is the subconscious mind’s defence mechanism to build an energetic wall around the heart with layers of trapped emotions to prevent the heart from "breaking" every time when you're experiencing a heartbreaking moment.

Now you may ask: If the Heart-Wall is built to protect me, why do I want to remove it?

Your Heart-Wall is like a bomb shelter. It's useful when hiding temporarily from danger but in the long run, disconnects you from your health, life goals, love, relationship with others and abundance. This is why clearing Heart-Wall is so important, as it impacts EVERY ASPECT of your life.

When you remove the heart wall energies, you may:

  • Be relieved of physical pains

  • Have immunity improved and more energy 

  • Find addiction or cravings reduced or gone

  • Feel lighter, calmer, more at peace with yourself

  • Experience deeper love and connection with others

  • Experience more joy

  • See more clarity in life purpose

  • Start attracting abundance

Note: Everyone is different. Results depend on individuals.


Julie S.



Polly was my first experience with an emotion code practitioner and her goal was to clear the heart wall that I had knowingly built during my life. After the first session, my leg weakness due to my MS had improved and my daily 2km on exercise bike was much easier. I was able to cut time in half and then double it to 4km. A big achievement for me. She cleared my heart wall which was 30 metres down to zero. I will definitely use her again in the future 🙂

Amie P.



I felt stuck. Still do a bit but it's way different. I'm learning how to love again it feels like. It's like I'm seeing my life through my inner child's eyes. Instead of my adult corrupted mind. I feel like I'm getting another chance to make it great. Friends have started to make their way back to me. The good ones. People are more compassionate and I think it's because I am. Also I'm calmer. My anxiety has subsided. I feel like I need more work done but for now this is major progress from where I was even a month ago.


In truly seeing my life through new eyes. I feel my heart exposed but I like that. I'm a loving caring person and for a long time I was shut down. Too long. I feel a whole new world happening here. The possibilities are endless and amazing. I'm looking forward to my near future and even just sitting in the present. How wonderful is that? Learning how to enjoy the moment we are in. This girl is a miracle worker. I'll be coming back for more work to be done. Let's face it. This is an ongoing day to day process. In the meantime, I'll soak this great feeling inside until the next thing shows up to be transmuted. I'm handling things way better now. It's only been two weeks since my first session with Polly. Thanks again lady you are awesome!


a Heart-Wall Clearing Package

  • 25-min sessions focus on identifying and releasing trapped emotions and get rid of as many as your subconscious mind allows so you get the most out of every session.

  • Tap into your subconscious mind using the safe, proven method - Applied Kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to identify and release the layers of Heart-Wall.

  • Take as many sessions as required until heart-wall is cleared (commonly 1-4 sessions for children/animals and 3-6 sessions for adults).

  • Shielding you up permanently to protect you from negative energies entering your body in the future.

  • Get your personal detailed session report within 48 hours after each session so you keep a full record of your energy healing journey and keep track of the progress.

  • All sessions are done by proxy remotely via video calls, phone call or emails to suit your preference, schedule and lifestyle.

  • As your body requires sufficient time to process and rest after each session, schedule sessions one week apart is recommended.​​

  • Safe and gentle for everybody. Permission from the parent of a child age 15 or under, or the owner of an animal is required.



for children or animals


As many sessions as required until cleared

(commonly 1-4 sessions)

Includes detailed session reports



for adults


As many sessions as required until cleared

(commonly 3-6 sessions)

Includes detailed session reports


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FAQs and Policies

Что такое полиграф?

Полиграф – компьютерный аппаратный комплекс, используемый для регистрации и сравнительного анализа качественных и количественных психофизиологических реакций организма человека в ответ на вербальные и невербальные раздражители. Полиграф определяет наличие или отсутствие у тестируемого лица специфического эмоционально-стрессового напряжения, связанного со стремлением исказить истинную информацию. Центр детекции "БЕЗЛЖИ" проводит опрос с использованием компьютерного полиграфа (детектора лжи) модели "РИФ", который является одним из самых надежных и точных полиграфов в мире.

Для чего нужна проверка на полиграфе? Насколько точны его измерения?

Проверка сотрудников на полиграфе - это самый лёгкий, дешёвый, надёжный и достоверный научный инструмент, превосходящий по сравнению с ним все другие методы проверки человека. Средняя точность проверки на полиграфе 90-98%. Данные показатели весьма условны и индивидуальны для каждого полиграфолога. Ведь суждения о правдивости или ложности излагаемого проверяемым выносит не прибор, а сам специалист, применяющий полиграф. Поэтому вопрос о точности полиграфа не совсем корректен и имеет 2 аспекта – точность аппаратуры и точность интерпретации полирафолога. Учитывая опыт и знания экспертов-полиграфологов Центра детекции "БЕЗЛЖИ", эффективность и точность результатов проверки на полиграфе достигает максимума (98%).

Сколько длится проверка на полиграфе?

Средняя продолжительность проверки на полиграфе в Центре детекции "БЕЗЛЖИ" 2-3 часа. Длительность зависит от тематики, сложности и глубины исследования. Кроме того, стоит учитывать индивидуальные особенности нервной системы каждого обследуемого.

Можно ли обмануть полиграф?

Попытки "обмануть" полиграф всегда видны квалифицированному полиграфологу Центра детекции "БЕЗЛЖИ" и расцениваются как противодействие опросу с использованием полиграфа. Когда выявляется противодействие, оно отражается в заключении по результатам проверки на полиграфе, а заказчик исследования уже принимает соответствующее решение в отношении человека, который противодействовал и попытался "обмануть" полиграф.