• Polly Ng

Healing Crisis - Why do you feel ten times worse after a healing session?

Healing Crisis or Herxheimer Reaction is a healing process when you feel worse before you feel better. You might not have experienced it before but it is actually quite common to many, especially when you're going through a process of detoxification whether physically or energetically. The process could be mild or rough, depending on individuals. This elimination process is seen as a good sign as it indicates that your body has started the healing process.

What causes Healing Crisis?

Physical Level

It is almost inevitable to live in a non-toxic environment these days (unless you live on the tip of the mountain isolating yourself from the outside world), our bodies constantly pick up different kinds of toxins such as heavy metals from seafoods, pesticides and herbicides from fruits and vegetables, hormones and antibiotics from meat, GMO, processed foods, chemicals in cleaning detergents, skincare, makeup or shampoos, building materials, died-off pathogens, EMF (e.g. mobile phones, Wi-Fi), radiation and much more. We might not feel the difference on a daily basis but we're consistently and continuously exposed to different seemingly harmless toxins every moment. These toxins gradually store in the body without us realising it, until one day you either feel sick or decide to dig them up and clear them out of your body systems.

Imagine yourself as a glass of water with mud and dirt gradually build up and sink down the bottom of the glass. Now you want to get rid of it - what do you do? You stir it, pour it out - you have to make the water (body) dirty first before you can filter out to make the glass of water clean again.

Energetic Level

It is quite the same on the energetic level when it comes to energy healing. We as human (even for animals) experience all sorts of emotions as we go through different stages of lives. Our intense emotions and feelings might get stuck inside the body not able to go anywhere. We think we have healed from the last relationships or childhood trauma over the years but they are actually stuck inside us like toxins (well they are) until it tells us our bodies have gone wrong through symptoms and sickness.

Everybody goes through "Processing" after an energy healing session as your energetic body or energy field requires time to adjust itself after releasing toxic energies. Dr Bradley Nelson, the found of The Emotion Code and The Body Code says about 20% of the time processing symptoms (i.e. healing crisis) occurs but from my experience, it seems more common than that. I find that especially people with chronic issues, whether physical or emotional, tend to have a higher chance of experiencing processing symptoms. Reason being that there tend to be more toxic emotions, energies, toxins and pathogens accumulated overtimes, and when clearing them out, all the unwanted things that have been stuck in the body are being brought up to the surface.

Healing Crisis or Processing Symptoms

Immune system and other body systems start working together to eliminate the energetic wastes out of the body. As the old stuff gets stirred up to the surface, the body experiences it more intensely during the healing process. Some of the most common symptoms include:

* Existing symptoms or pain get worse

* Headache, body ache

* Feeling tired, lethargic, sleepy, lack of energy

* Flu-like symptoms

* Crying, usually for no particular reason

* Being emotional

* Bad, weird and/or vivid dreams

Some of my clients claim that they feel energies moving inside the body from one place to another. That makes sense as once emotional energies are released from the energy field, it has to readjust itself back to the normal state. This is a good sign that energy is not in the 'stuck' state anymore but starting to flow through the body and rebalancing itself.

How long does Healing Crisis last?

The intensity of these symptoms varies as every 'body' is different. It is not surprising to have more than one symptoms and some are more intense than the others, especially you have multiple chronic issues. Healing crisis is temporary usually lasts for 2-4 days, although for some it would last for one week or even longer.