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How does muscle testing talk to the subconscious mind?

This is a question I get asked a lot from those who are not familiar of this amazing energy work. They see me using fingers to get answers from the subconscious mind but how does it actually work? I want to take some time today to explain the "how".

Have you ever come across a time when you've forgotten your password that that you've used for a long time, you can't really recall it in your mind but when you are in front of the keyboard or keypad, you fingers can easily type it out based on the finger movement you've "practise" every time you sign in? This is a great example of how your body has become your mind.

How Your Memories are Stored in your Body

We tend to think that the mind is the tool to remember things. This is true when we try to create a short term memory, especially to remember something new to us. This is our CONSCIOUS mind doing its work. However when you REPEAT the same action enough times, the short term memory will be carved into memory to become your subconscious and become long term memory. Repetition allows your body (in this case, the fingers) to 'remember' the actions you many times, until your body becomes the mind and remember better that your actual mind.

Just like your fingers have no idea where to go on a piano when learning a new music piece. During the learning process, you practise (repetition) and memorise with effort using your mind (consciousness). When you practise enough time, you no longer need to look at the notes anymore, because your fingers know exactly which notes to play, at this stage you'll notice that you're not even using your brain/mind to bring up the music piece because you are playing it unconsciously.

The Body IS the Subconscious Mind

This is exactly the same as when we use muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind. When learning to do muscle testing, we train the muscles to understand the muscle reflection of a 'Yes' and a "No" and practise enough until your body knows how to respond truthfully when a yes and no question is posed. We are part of the nature and all nature tend to move towards light and truth because this is what we are, and move away from the dark and false, just like any growing plants. So when a true statement is said, our muscle naturally and honestly give a "yes" answer. Our conscious mind can lie but our true nature hidden in our subconscious simply does not.

Energy Healing and Muscle Testing

The Emotion Code and The Body Code require muscle testing to dig out the underlying causes of an issue. This makes it different from the conventional methods as we don't get information on your body based on text books but from YOU. As said earlier, it is our nature to speak the truth, so your subconscious will always give you the true answers (except for situations such as dehydration and neck misalignment). No body is the same although symptoms could be, and so blocks interfering the balance of the body are all different. By using muscle testing we are able to find out and target specific blocks for different bodies.

Have you tried energy healing before? If you have specific issues you are unable to find the underlying reasons, you may want to give energy healing a go. Try our Discovery session out at a low cost to find out if it is something for you.


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