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Most one on one and group sessions are done distanced via proxy worldwide either over a web-based (Telegram or Signal) phone call or offline (i.e. your attendance during a session with me is not required). Energy healing can be performed no matter how far we are apart and still works as well as performing in person. 

During a session, I connect with your subconscious mind energetically with your permission to identify the possible underlying causes for your specific issue, then release the negative energies or realign any imbalances in your energy body. By doing so, we remove blocks that interfere your body's natural ability to heal to allow it to start restoring balance again. Your body goes through a healing process each time after a session. For many people this is unnoticeable, however some may experience symptoms of this healing processing like an energetic detox, a.k.a. healing crisis, which generally lasts 1 to 3 days, in some cases it may take over a week or so. It is highly recommended that you read more about the common symptoms of healing crisis (so there's no surprises) and other details in the FAQs section at the bottom of this page prior to a session.


Heart-Wall Clearing ~30mins. 3 sessions

Heart-wall is an energetic wall around your heart created by your subconscious mind to protect you from the heartbreaking and traumatic moments you've experienced over your lifetime. Trapped emotions that contribute to the heart-wall can be from this life's experiences, pre-natal, as a spirit before coming to Earth in a physical form, inherited, shared or absorbed.

Clearing heart-wall helps:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Lessen or eliminate addiction

  • Alleviate or remove physical discomfort especially in the neck, shoulders or chest

  • Ease anxiety, depression, unexplainable sadness, loneliness or broken heart syndrome

  • Deepen the connection with your soul, leading to more self-awareness

  • Raise your vibration

  • Feel love instead of 'seeing' love

  • Allow love to flow freely through your heart

  • Attract loving relationships and abundance to your life

  • Gain clarity of your life purpose

  • Particularly helpful for empaths and highly sensitive person (HSP)

A permanent energetic shield will be placed on you once heart-wall is cleared.


Note that everyone's heart-wall is different and it generally takes about 3-6 weekly sessions for a typical adult and 1-2 sessions for a child or an animal (if they have one) to completely remove a heart-wall.


This distanced session is done via proxy worldwide over phone call or offline (ie. your attendance is not required).


Includes a personal session report.


3 sessions

Image by Yousef Espanioly

Amie P.

Heart-Wall Cleared

I felt stuck. Still do a bit but it's way different. I'm learning how to love again it feels like. It's like I'm seeing my life through my inner child's eyes. Instead of my adult corrupted mind. I feel like I'm getting another chance to make it great. Friends have started to make their way back to me. The good ones. People are more compassionate and I think it's because I am. Also I'm calmer. My anxiety has subsided. I feel like I need more work done but for now this is major progress from where I was even a month ago.


In truly seeing my life through new eyes. I feel my heart exposed but I like that. I'm a loving caring person and for a long time I was shut down. Too long. I feel a whole new world happening here. The possibilities are endless and amazing. I'm looking forward to my near future and even just sitting in the present. How wonderful is that? Learning how to enjoy the moment we are in. This girl is a miracle worker. I'll be coming back for more work to be done. Let's face it. This is an ongoing day to day process. In the meantime, I'll soak this great feeling inside until the next thing shows up to be transmuted. I'm handling things way better now. It's only been two weeks since my first session with Polly. Thanks again lady you are awesome!


Energy Healing ~45mins. Pay As You Go

Shifting the energetic state of your body by identifying and releasing negative energies through accessing the information in the subconscious mind to help your physical and emotional bodies restore balance.


This session helps:

  • Alleviate chronic or recent physical discomfort

  • Ease chronic or recent emotional and mental stress

  • Heal from unpleasant past experiences

  • Overcome self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Improve relationships with family, partner or others

  • Remove limiting beliefs and replace with positive ones

  • Attract abundance and finance

  • Reduce excessive emotions

  • Restore balance in chakras

  • Raise your vibration

Distanced sessions are done via proxy worldwide over phone call or offline (i.e. your attendance not required).

Includes a personal session report.



per session

Emergency Energy Healing ~30mins. Offline only

This session is for immediate relief of physical or emotional pain.

This distanced session is done offline via proxy only (attendance not required). Please email your issues as descriptive and specific as possible (description of symptoms, not the name of ailments) along with your full name and age to Session will be completed within 5 hours (between 8am-10pm AEDT) of receiving the booking. By making a payment for this session, you agree to give Polly your permission to work with your subconscious during the paid session via proxy.

Note that standard session may be required as a follow up.

Distanced sessions are done via proxy worldwide offline only (i.e. your attendance is not required)

Includes a personal session report.



per session

Image by Aaron Burden

Alicia S.

Chronic Shoulder Pain &
Financial Insecurity

One of the issues I had was chronic aggravating pain in my right shoulder. It would occur after standing too long without moving around, or after lifting something like grocery bags, or when I did a lot of bending over to do something. Now after Polly did my session I rarely get the pain. When I do it is much milder than previous. Polly also worked with me on releasing TE's (trapped emotions) around finances. Before my session, I was feeling overwhelmed with how to find ways to ease the problem. To the point that I would not recognize solutions that were being shown to me. Now I am more relaxed and listening to the voice giving me ideas that will bring about a change. I have only had one session with Polly but would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a caring practitioner. Polly makes sure you understand the process both before as well as what to expect afterwards. Her first concern is to be sure that you are comfortable with what she does.


Paula M.

Relief of Anxiousness

I want to give a shout out to Polly and say a big thank you to her for the Emotion Code session she did for me recently. The anxiety relief I experienced after the work she did was quite noticeable and very welcomed. I'm sleeping better, and I feel calmer. The session didn't take long to produce the results I was looking for.

I haven't experienced any noticeable anxiety. Thanks, Polly for your help!

FAQs and Policies


Do I have to prepare anything before a session?

Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated before and after a session. This helps me connect with you energetically more effectively. Other than that just relax, be open to energy healing and know that you are recovering.

How many sessions do I need?

There is no set number of sessions as every "body" is different and there for the amount of clearing is different. For example, we all have different culture, parents, upbringing, recovery time, how our bodies respond to healing, past events we've experienced and even the emotions of our ancestors and their life experiences that may have inherited to us. It is worth noting that like other modalities, energy healing works by layers, like peeling an onion. Some people see improvement in a short period of time; often times take longer to clear especially for deeply rooted issues with low vibrational energies that have been built up over the years. It is important to give yourself time and be patient with yourself.

Do you need my permission to work on myself, my child or pet?

Yes, I require your permission and consent to communicate with and access information from your subconscious mind. For children aged 17 or under, permission must be given by a parent. It is not necessary to let your child know that they're being worked on. For animals, permission is required from the owner.

I'm a bit concerned about sharing my past to anyone.

It is not necessary to share your stories in details. In most cases all is needed is descriptive symptoms or issues so that we can ask the subconscious mind more specific questions to get better results. It is important to me that you feel safe and comfortable with our sessions. Your privacy is always respected.

My issue has returned. What's happening?

It isn't unusual at all and it doesn't mean the trapped emotions have returned to the body as they are permanently gone once released. It most likely indicates you've scraped the surface and now a deeper layer has surfaced up for more clearing.

How is a one on one session held?

All one on one sessions are done remotely via proxy over a phone call or offline no matter where you are in the world. OFFLINE SESSION means that your presence during a session is not required and I will be doing all the work. It works as well as being live, and is a great option for those who reside in a different time zone or who have busy schedules.

Is there any expiry dates for my paid sessions?

Paid sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase. Please keep in mind that the usage period is the same when rescheduling your session or transferring the unused sessions to someone else.

Can I gift a session?

You certainly can purchase any session as a gift. Please make sure you state that this is a gift session at checkout. Note that conscious permission from the energy healing receiver is required for me to work with their subconscious mind. Before purchasing, please consider if the person you are gifting to is open to energy healing.

What is a typical session with you like?

During a session, I connect with your subconscious mind energetically with your permission to identify the possible underlying causes for a specific issue you wish to work on, then release any negative energies or realign any imbalances found your energy body. By doing so, we remove energetic blocks that interfere your body's natural ability to heal to start restoring balance again. Your body goes through a healing process each time after a session. For many people this is unnoticeable, but some others may experience symptoms of this healing processing, a.k.a. healing crisis. I highly recommend that you check out "Processing & Healing Crisis" tab in this FAQ section for more information about the symptoms of healing crisis and what to expect before a session begins.

I've purchased a package, how much time should I give between sessions?

It is highly recommended to allow 7 days between sessions. Your body requires time to recover after each session, especially you experience any processing symptoms. Please check out the "Processing Symptoms & Healing Crisis" tab in FAQs for more information.

How do I book a session with you?

Simply contact me via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page or go to "Contact" on this website when you are ready to book. We'll then schedule a time that suits and a payment link will be sent to you to secure the booking.

Payment & Cancellation Policies

Payment Policy

All sessions must be prepaid as part of the scheduling process. Payment of your sessions will confirm your appointments. Any scheduled sessions will automatically be cancelled without notice if full payment is not received 48 hours prior to the next scheduled session. Payment is non-refundable but transferrable if you wish to give away the unused sessions to someone else in need. Please notify Polly at least 48 hours prior to the next scheduled session if you wish to do so.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 48-hour notice if you wish to reschedule or transfer your unused sessions to someone else in need. If you wish to transfer sessions, please email Polly at or submit your request here with the name and contact details of the person you are transferring the session to with their permission beforehand so that we can contact them. Note that paid sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase. This includes transferred sessions.

Payment Methods

When procceding to Paypal checkout link, please make sure you provide your name and current email address in the "Add a Note" field at checkout and I'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment and finish the "paperwork" (if this is your first time working with me).

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the services, there is no refund for completed sessions. You can transfer your paid but unused sessions to someone else in need.

Energy Healing

What should I expect from energy healing?

Just like what you expect from other modalities such as conventional medicines or acupuncture, your body takes time to heal. Think of it this way: Most issues don't develop overnight, so as healing - it also takes time. Keep in mind that energy healing is not a magic pill, although it is possible to see amazing results within a short period of time, your physical body realistically requires time to adjust and recover. You may experience one or more of the followings: (1) noticeable improvement after one session or within a very short period of time; (2) subtle, gradual improvement over time; (3) not seeing any noticeable results at the beginning of the energy healing journey (for various reasons). A lot of people have reported that they feel lighter and calmer, some experience "bonus advantages" as such feeling better emotionally, better relationships with partners, etc. after working on physical issues. In some cases,"Healing Crisis" may also be experienced for some people. Please go to "Processing & Healing Crisis" tab for information and videos.

Does distanced energy healing work as effective as doing it in person?

Energy connects via intention instantly regardless of distance. Albert Einstein called it "Spooky Action at a Distance" or Quantum Entanglement. When doing a proxy session, I energetically connect with your subconscious mind with an intent so I can work on your behalf. It is not necessary to meet each other physically or for you to be physically present with me at a specific time for this to work. You can go about your day or sleep while I'm working "with" you. It is as effective as working in person.

Do I still need to see my doctors and take medications?

You should always take medical advice given by licensed medical service providers and continue with your medications as advised/prescribed by your doctors. I'm not a doctor and I do not treat you, rather my job is to help you remove energetic blocks from the body so that it naturally adjusts itself to the right condition for self-recovery. Everyone's adjustment and recovery time are different and therefore the results will be different. Please also read the disclaimer at the bottom of the website for more information.

Processing & Healing Crisis

Processing Symptoms & Healing Crisis

Every body goes through a processing period after each session. It is a period of time during which your body is adjusting and going through an energetic detox after energy release or alignment. Most of the time processing is unnoticeable, however about 20% of the time symptoms or the "echo effect" of healing process may be experienced. Some people call it "Healing Crisis". Common symptoms of energetic detox include crying, experiencing emotional ups and downs, body ache, symptoms flare up, low energy, lethargy, flu-like symptoms, feeling sick, nightmares or vivid dreams. Processing takes place anywhere between 1-3 days or in some cases over a week or so, depending on individuals. During this time, whether or not you have symptoms, it is important to drink plenty of water especially in the first few days to help ease the enegetic detox process and flush the unwanted out of the body system. Below are some great short videos explaining what Healing Crisis is, as well as some tips on relieving symptoms if you happen to experience them.


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