Terms & Conditions

I, "client" of Polly Ng and/or PollyHeals understand that:

All information obtained and documented during sessions is kept confidential and will not be shared under any circumstances without express written, signed, and dated permission from myself. Polly Ng as an energy healer, all information is provided based on interactions with my subconscious mind, discernment and muscle testing results. During sessions Polly Ng seeks to identify and release underlying causes of energetic imbalances in accordance with what is for my best and highest good.

All notes and information provided in sessions by Polly Ng are intended to be helpful and informative to me and are not a substitute for medical or mental health care or any medical prescriptions. I understand that Polly Ng is not a doctor, thus cannot make any medical claims or make a diagnosis; thus, no information in any forms of communication should be used or interpreted as a medical diagnosis. If I have concern about a medical issue or if experiencing an emergency, it is my sole responsibility to consult a physician or nearest emergency health facility immediately.

No cure is being suggested or promised by receiving sessions. Each body is different and healing often takes place in layers. Thus, the results from one person may not indicate the same results another may experience. I understand that the longer the condition exists, the longer it takes to balance the body. The premise behind energy healing involves removing the underlying imbalances so the body can restore balance to itself. Some bodies are able to heal and restore balance much faster than others.

Every body goes through a healing processing period after each session, although not always noticeable, there is a chance of experiencing processing symptoms a.k.a. healing crisis - the echoes of the energy released or energetic imbalance corrected may manifest in temporary physical or emotional discomfort, and that this “processing” appears to be a normal part of regaining energetic balance.

All suggestions and recommendations made during sessions are based on interaction with my subconscious mind, discernment and muscle testing results; and are not an attempt to prescribe or diagnose any conditions.


All sessions must be prepaid as part of the scheduling process. The payment of your sessions will confirm the booking of your sessions. Any unpaid, scheduled sessions will automatically be canceled without notice if full payment is not received 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Payment is non-refundable but transferrable if you wish to give away your unused sessions to someone else in need. Please notify PollyHeals at pollyheals@gmail.com at least 24 hours prior to the give away session scheduled if you wish to do so.




Please give at least 48 hours advance notice for all cancellations. Cancellations or no-shows after this timeframe will not be refunded or credited. If I am unable to reach you for your phone session, do you give me permission to complete an offline session instead so your time is not missed. Note that if I do not have permission and can NOT reach you for a phone session, the full price for the session will NOT be refunded.

Giving Permission

I give Polly Ng permission to connect with my subconscious to obtain information regarding my health concerns during paid sessions.

I give Polly Ng permission to connect with my subconscious to obtain information regarding my health concerns.