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If you don't already know, everything in this Universe is made of energy including your physical body, feelings and emotions. When a negative emotion is created, your body is able to feel and then process it through after the event under healthy circumstances. However, when we experience something that hit you really hard (or hard enough at the time) the negative emotion created from the event can get so intense that an invisible energy ball is formed. When this happens, the energy ball becomes too much for the body to process through. And as a result, this negative energy gets stuck inside the body - we call it "Trapped Emotion".


Once an emotion is trapped, it stays inside us for as long as you carry it.

Carrying Trapped Emotions = Living in the Past

Your subconscious mind and the body store the memories of these past emotions which VIBRATE AT LOW FREQUENCIES (e.g. frequency of self-abuse, anxiety, shame, etc.). It makes perfect sense that you would also vibrate at the same low frequencies when they're trapped inside the body.  And because you're carrying around past negative emotions 24/7, your body is literally living in the past. This is where the Law of Attraction comes in - Like attracts like - You're now in the perfect position of attracting more negative events to your current (and future) reality.

Did you know?

There're roughly about A FEW HUNDREDS of

trapped emotions in an adult on average,

even though you ain't aware of it.

Why does your body need emotional detox?

We believe that overtime trapped emotions may:


  • DISTORT THE BODY ENERGY FIELD, IRRITATES AND DETERIORATES PHYSICAL BODY TISSUES, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING we call them "symptoms" shoulder pain, lower back pain, migraine, arthritis, brain fog, fatigue, anxiousness,  phobias, addictive behaviours and much more

  • MAKE US OVER-REACT EMOTIONALLY IN CERTAIN WAYS, because your trapped emotions from the past keep playing up in your life, e.g. you may get triggered and angry very easily for the most trivial reason but you have no idea why​. In other words, it affects the way you act and react


  • ​MAKE YOU FEELING ISOLATED OR DISCONNECTED FROM OTHERS, and blocking you from love and happiness. Affecting relationships with yourself and with others

  • LOWER YOUR OVERALL VIBRATION, when you're vibrating at a frequency the same as your toxic trapped emotions, you're attracting and materialising an external world that matches those frequencies, making it extra difficult to attract good health, love and abundance. A possible result would be repetitive negative life patterns keep coming back o your life.

You can release trapped emotions for good

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, to identify emotional baggage, aka trapped emotions from the body by using muscle testing or kinesiology to communicate with the subconscious mind where ALL of the memories are stored. Once identified, we can then release them with a magnet by running it down the governing meridian, the main energy highway that connects all meridians in the body. The entire process is quick, powerful and effective.

This all-natural, non-toxic energy healing technique is effective, gentle and safe for everybody, including young children and animals.


Paula M.


Anxiety Attack

I want to give a shout out to Polly and say a big thank you to her for the Emotion Code session she did for me recently. The anxiety relief I experienced after the work she did was quite noticeable and very welcomed. I'm sleeping better, and I feel calmer. The session didn't take long to produce the results I was looking for. I haven't experienced any noticeable anxiety. Thanks, Polly for your help!

Green Plant

Tom B.



I have been told by my doctor that I have sciatica... painful left hip pain while sitting, driving, and sleeping on my left side. I was having shots, and living with a bottle of Advil close to me, especially at bedtime. After one session with Polly, the pain level went from 8 or 9 to a 2!! I really believe energy healing is the wave of the future, and just clearing bad emotions that most of us do not even realize, can produce amazing results... Thank You Polly.



an Emotion Code Session

  • 25-min session focuses on identifying and releasing trapped emotions and get rid of as many as your subconscious mind allows so you get the most out of every session.


  • Tap into your subconscious mind using the safe, proven method - Applied Kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to prioritise your issues according to the preference of your subconscious so you're always guided by your higher self to work on the most important issues that benefit you the most first.

  • Alternatively, you can also choose what to work on first if you know exactly what you need right now so the pain and issue that bother you the most get the first attention. 

  • Get your personal detailed session report within 48 hours after each session so you keep a full record of your energy healing journey and keep track of the progress.

  • All sessions are done by proxy remotely on your behalf without your presence so you have more flexibility in managing your time.

  • As your body requires sufficient time to process and rest after each session, schedule sessions one week apart is recommended.

  • Safe and gentle for everybody. Permission from a parent of a child age 15 or under, or owner of an animal is required.


Pain Relief



25-min session

For New Clients Only

Focus on physical or emotional pain relief

Suitable for adults, children & animals 

Includes a full session report


Emotion Code



3x 25-min weekly sessions

Suitable for adults, children & animals 

Includes full session reports

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Please check out FAQs below for more details on the sessions for how a session is held, payment & cancellation policies and disclaimers.

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^New clients are those who have never worked with Polly before (excl. Introductory session).

Sunset over Poppy Field

Alicia S.


Chronic Shoulder Pain &

Financial Insecurity

One of the issues I had was chronic aggravating pain in my right shoulder. It would occur after standing too long without moving around, or after lifting something like grocery bags, or when I did a lot of bending over to do something. Now after Polly did my session I rarely get the pain. When I do it is much milder than previous. Polly also worked with me on releasing TE's (trapped emotions) around finances. Before my session, I was feeling overwhelmed with how to find ways to ease the problem. To the point that I would not recognize solutions that were being shown to me. Now I am more relaxed and listening to the voice giving me ideas that will bring about a change. I have only had one session with Polly but would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a caring practitioner. Polly makes sure you understand the process both before as well as what to expect afterwards. Her first concern is to be sure that you are comfortable with what she does.


FAQs and Policies


Your session time seems short, how much can you do in 25 minutes?

It is worth noting that releasing more doesn't necessarily mean better. We can only release as many as your subconscious mind allows (commonly between 4-15 emotions each session) to avoid overwhelming the body. From experience it usually takes no longer than 25 mins. My focus in each session with you is efficiency. I want you to get the most out of every session you have with me by keeping sessions as productive as we could, we're making your investment more valuable.

Do I have to prepare anything before the session?

Make sure you stay hydrated. This helps me connect with you and use muscle testing more effectively. Also, jot down anything you wish to share that could be related to the issues. Other than that just relax, be open-minded and expect good things to happen!

How many sessions do I need?

There is no set number of sessions as every "body" is different: we all have different culture, parents, upbringing, recovery time, how our bodies respond to healing, past events we've experienced and even our ancestors. So no one's condition and accumulated emotions are the same. Some people see improvement after one session, but most of the time more than one session is required for a more thorough clearing. Also, if you have more than one issue (who don't?) then having several sessions may be an option for you.

Do you need my permission to work on myself, my child and pet?

Yes, I do need your permission and consent to tap into your subconscious mind for ethical reason. For children aged 15 or under, permission must be given by a parent. It is not necessary to let your child know that they're being worked on. For animals, permission is needed from the owner.

I'm a bit concerned about sharing my past to anyone.

In a session you may be asked if you could recall any past incidence consciously as your subconscious mind brings up the trapped emotions to the surface. It isn't necessary to talk about the events but a simple acknowledgement of what the event is related to, e.g. family, relationship, work, etc. is quite enough. I 100% respect your privacy so if you don't feel comfortable sharing what you can recall, you absolutely don't have to. It won't affect the session process as tapped emotions can still be released.

My pain/issue has returned. What's happening?

It isn't unusual at all and it doesn't mean trapped emotions have returned to the body as they are permanently gone once released. It most likely indicates that you've scraped the surface and now a deeper layer has surfaced up for clearing.

How are the sessions held?

All sessions are done via proxy. Options include Remote, Phone Calls or Video Calls. Remote Sessions: Unlike other session types, you don't need to turn up to a scheduled session at all. Just schedule a preferred time for me to do the session for you, and I'll email you the session report after the session is completed. There is no interaction or back and forth emailing during the session time. Remote sessions are great when you're unable to fit the session in your schedule, have a language barrier or a huge time gap.

Is there any expiry dates for my paid sessions?

Paid sessions must be used within 60 days of purchase. Please keep an eye on the usage period when you reschedule or transfer your unused sessions to someone else.

Can I purchase sessions as a gift?

Certainly! If you want to gift a session or a package, simply go to the Pricing section on this page where you'll find the eGift card option. The eGift Card amounts available are equivalent to the corresponding sessions and packages of the same amounts shown on this website. To see eGift Cards Terms & Conditions, please go to "Payment & Cancellation Policy" tab for information.

Payment & Cancellation Policies

Payment Policy

All sessions must be prepaid as part of the scheduling process. Payment of your sessions will confirm your appointments. It is recommended that you make the payment before scheduling. All scheduled sessions included in the package will automatically be cancelled without notice if full payment is not received 24 hours prior to the first (or only) session. Payment is non-refundable but transferrable if you wish to give away your unused sessions to someone else in need. Please notify me at least 24 hours prior to the next scheduled session if you wish to do so. To make a payment to secure your appointment(s): Pay by PAYPAL Pay by CREDIT CARD - Please leave me a message with your full name, email address and session package you wish to purchase and I'll send you an invoice for payment: Message me on Facebook or email me at pollyheals@gmail.com All prices on this website are in Australian dollars. To convert prices to your local currency please click here. The converted prices are estimates only. All prices are final at checkout.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24-hour notice if you wish to reschedule or transfer your unused sessions to someone else. If you wish to transfer sessions, please email me at pollyheals@gmail.com or submit your request here with the name and email address of the next session receiver (with their permission) beforehand so that I can contact the person you offer your sessions to and schedule with them. Note that paid sessions must be used within 60 days of purchase. This includes transferred sessions.

eGift Cards Terms & Conditions

eGift Cards amounts are in Australian Dollars (AUD). The eGift Card amounts available are equivalent to the corresponding sessions and packages of the same amounts shown on this website. eGifts Cards are non-refundable but transferrable. They do not have expiry date however it is recommended to use it within 30 days before it gets forgotten.

Energy Healing

What should I expect from this energy healing?

Just like what you expect from other modalities such as conventional medicines or acupuncture, your body takes time to heal. (Think of it this way: Your issues didn't develop overnight, and it makes sense that healing also takes time). Keep in mind that energy healing is not a magic pill, although it is possible to see amazing results in a short period of time, your physical body realistically requires time to adjust and recover. There are generally 3 common experiences: (1) noticeable improvement after one session or in a very short period of time; (2) subtle gradual improvement over time; (3) not seeing any noticeable result at the beginning of the healing journey (for many reasons). A lot of people have reported that they feel lighter, calmer and freer, some find that they emotionally feel better even after working on physical issues. In some cases,"Healing Crisis" can also be experienced for some. Please go to "Processing & Healing Crisis" tab for information and videos.

Does distance energy healing work as effective as doing it in person?

No matter how far apart we are, energies connect with intention literally instantly. Albert Einstein called it "Spooky Action at a Distance" or Quantum Entanglement. When doing a proxy session, I energetically connect with your subconscious with intent so I can work on your behalf. We don't have to meet physically to do this work, you can go about your day or sleep while I'm working with you. And yes, it is as effective as working in person.

Are you able to insert subliminal messages into my mind or read my thoughts?

No, it is impossible for me to do that. I use Applied Kinesiology, aka muscle testing, to ask yes and no questions and because your body IS the subconscious mind, which only tells the truth, I can then get answers on your physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Do I still need to see my doctors and take medications?

YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE GIVEN BY MEDICAL SERVICE PROVIDERS AND CONTINUE WITH YOUR MEDICATIONS AS ADVISED BY YOUR DOCTORS. I'm not a doctor and The Emotion Code does not treat you, rather we help you remove energetic emotional blocks from your body so that it provides a better energetic environment for it to realign and balance itself. Everyone's adjustment and recovery time are different and so results will also be different. Please also go to "Must Read-The Emotion Code Energy Healing Disclaimer" tab in this FAQ section for more information.

Processing & Healing Crisis

Processing Symptoms & Healing Crisis

Every body goes through processing after a session. It is a period of time during which your body is adjusting and detoxing itself after toxic emotions are released. Most of the time processing can't be felt, but about 20% of time symptoms or the "echo effect" of processing may be experienced. Some people call this "Healing Crisis" (although it is usually used to describe physical healing, this is also a common term used in different energy healing modalities). Common symptoms of the processing include crying, get emotional, body ache, symptoms get worse, low energy, sluggish, sleepy, flu-like symptoms, feel sick and bad or vivid dreams. Processing may take place anywhere between 2-7 days or even weeks depending on individuals (this is why at least 7 days between sessions is highly recommended when scheduling a session package). During this time, whether or not you have symptoms, it is important to drink plenty of water especially in the first couple of days to help ease the processing process and flush the unwanted out of the body system. Below are some great short videos explaining what Healing Crisis is, as well as some tips on reliefs if you happen to experience it.