Emotional Baggage Release


The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a transformative energy healing technique developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor, to identify emotional baggage (aka trapped emotions) that could be trapped inside the body using kinesiology (muscle testing). This simple but powerful tool may help ease physical symptoms, relieve emotional pain, strengthen relationships with self or others and remove emotional blocks for a happier, more abundant life.

We believe that trapped emotions can::


  • Disrupt the body energy field, possibly lead to physical discomfort

  • Cause emotional distress and feel out of balance

  • Trigger certain negative emotions, lead to over-reacting or behaving in certain ways in a repetitive pattern

  • ​Make you feel isolated or disconnected from others

  • Block you from fully experience love, joy and abundance

3-Step Emotional Energy Release



and target the emotional baggage that may be the cause of your issue by asking the right source - your subconscious mind



negative energies permanently in seconds one at a time using

The Emotion Code method, instead of masking your wounds


stop letting your past traumas take the driver's seat - take your control back and open the door to physical and emotional balance restoration

Clients have reported positive outcomes with:


May get relief from distress

and suffering and ease up

their potential causes 



May feel more emotionally balanced, centred, happier, calmer and less stressed within



Remove layers of negative emotions from around your heart to reveal your authentic true self


Clear barriers to open up the possibility of success and allow the flow of prosperity


Release blocks to love, deepening relationship bond and increase your ability to connect


Emotional energy healing on

yourself and across past 

and future generations

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Gabrielle Y.


Relationship with Self & Family + Hip Discomfort

Polly did my emotion code session via proxy. Being it was my first session ever I didn’t know what to expect and eager to release some of my trapped emotions. Polly helped me narrow down which issues I (subconscious mind) wanted to do and told me what to expect. My session with Polly blew me away and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Pain in my hips are now gone, my kids have noticed my lighter and fun spirits and I feel more grounded. Polly was able to release 9 trapped emotions within me and explained each one. There’s so much to gain. I highly recommended Polly to anyone who is looking for an Emotion Code session. She did great releasing mine and I’m forever grateful!

Decoding the Secrets of

Your Body, Mind and Spirit


The Body Code


The Body Code is a revolutionary energy balancing system designed to uncover the underlying causes of your physical or emotional suffering in the body, mind and spirit so that you can have the opportunity to make corrections and recover balance. 


The process is simple. First, connect with your subconscious mind using muscle testing (kinesiology) and let it navigate through the comprehensive Body Code map until you are guided to a specific area, which may potentially be a root cause of your issue suggested by your subconscious mind. The imbalance can then be corrected energetically on a deeper level on the spot to restore better balance and health.

The Body Code consists of 6 major components which we believe have a close relation to the wellbeing of the body and spirit. 

TheDepartments of Balance in your Body, Mind & Soul


Removing negative energies relating to past traumas, offensive or mental energies and trapped emotions (this department includes The Emotion Code)

Circuit or System

Correcting energies by addressing the imbalance in organs, glands, energy body and other systems such as body cycle or rhythm


Look into any mold, virus, parasite, fungus, bacteria and more that may contribute to the imbalance


Dig deep into any misalignment in soft tissue, chakra, system, skeleton or meridian to help put your body back in place energetically

Nutrition or Lifestyle

Find out if your body needs any outside needs such as exercises, nutrients and food to help the body recover


Identifying toxins such as food toxin, drug, heavy metal, radiation, EMF, chemicals and more to help restore balance

Rahel W.

Berlin Germany

Irregular Sleeping Pattern

I thought I could only be able to sleep again by luck... (Now I can) sleep through the night :) I feel awake when I wake up and not tired as before. (I'm) a lot more solid and strong and relaxed to do the things I want to do, to stand much more with my feet on the ground! Thank you so much for your quick help Polly! I so extremely appreciate your help and true healing..! A big Thank You! 

Image by Jeremy Philemon

Don't wait,

start feeling better today.


The Emotion Code is a form of Energy Healing. The healing sessions offered by Polly Ng trading as PollyHeals, whether in person or by proxy, are not substitutes for medical care. Information given to you by Polly/PollyHeals is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please consult your healthcare provider.

Energy healing promotes harmony and balance of the energy system of the body, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognised as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. 

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