Uncover the possibilities of self-recovery.

This is great if you are curious about whether this energy healing would be a good fit for you.


  • Releasing as many trapped emotions as your subconscious mind allows with The Emotion Code 

  • Your immune function and heart-wall information

  • Your personal detailed session report

  • Options of video call or phone call session

Ideal if you are:

  • New to energy healing or The Emotion Code

  • Open-hearted and open-minded,  ready for a new experience

  • Curious about how a session is done

  • Having some levels of physical pain

discovering the whole new world investment:


the first session

Work with Me



Your journey begins with the Heart.

This is the first step before choosing any packages below.

You may not need this package if you've had your heart-wall removed.

The foundation is key to everything including becoming a better version of yourself and we believe that it starts from the heart, the place where we often call: The Seat of The Soul.


Here, we open your heart by clearing your heart-wall, which is an energetic wall around your heart created by your subconscious mind to protect you from all the heartbreaking moments you've experienced over your lifetime. Although the heart-wall protects you temporarily, it also blocks you from experiencing love, joy, health, abundance, listening to your own soul and finding your life purpose.


As heart-wall may have various levels of impact in physical discomfort or emotional distress, love, soul purpose and abundance, clearing heart-wall also helps "rule out" the possibilities of that being an underlying reason for any suffering you may be experiencing if you're planning to work deeper on your current issues.


  • Total of 5 remote sessions with a personal detailed session report

  • Opening your heart by clearing all the layers of your heart-wall led by your subconscious mind

  • Physical or emotional issues would be worked on using The Emotion Code and The Body Code where necessary in the remaining session(s) if heart-wall is cleared before the package finishes

Ideal if you are or have any of the following:

  • You are serious and ready to commit to becoming a better version of yourself

  • You've never had your heart-wall removed

  • Children may have heart-wall with inherited, prenatal or absorbed trapped emotions

  • You have physical discomfort especially in the neck, shoulders or chest

  • You've had turmoils in the past and are still playing a role in your current life

  • Constantly feeling anxious, blue, sad or broken-hearted

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and others

  • An empath or a highly sensitive person who tend to feel others emotions as your own

  • Able to "see" love but having a difficult time to "feel" love

  • Struggling in attracting love and abundance to your life

your soul and heart leap investment:


5 sessions

Amie P.


Heart-Wall Cleared

I felt stuck. Still do a bit but it's way different. I'm learning how to love again it feels like. It's like I'm seeing my life through my inner child's eyes. Instead of my adult corrupted mind. I feel like I'm getting another chance to make it great. Friends have started to make their way back to me. The good ones. People are more compassionate and I think it's because I am. Also I'm calmer. My anxiety has subsided. I feel like I need more work done but for now this is major progress from where I was even a month ago.


In truly seeing my life through new eyes. I feel my heart exposed but I like that. I'm a loving caring person and for a long time I was shut down. Too long. I feel a whole new world happening here. The possibilities are endless and amazing. I'm looking forward to my near future and even just sitting in the present. How wonderful is that? Learning how to enjoy the moment we are in. This girl is a miracle worker. I'll be coming back for more work to be done. Let's face it. This is an ongoing day to day process. In the meantime, I'll soak this great feeling inside until the next thing shows up to be transmuted. I'm handling things way better now. It's only been two weeks since my first session with Polly. Thanks again lady you are awesome!


Alleviate physical discomfort and repair through energy shifting.

If you're looking to improve the current condition of physical discomfort, this package is for you. In the world of energy healing, physical discomfort can be closely linked to emotional and energetic imbalances, toxins, pathogens, misalignment, nutritional or lifestyle and circuits or systems in the body. It is possible to achieve a more balanced state energetically to assist recovery of the physical body.


  • Total of 5 remote sessions with a personal detailed session report

  • Covers 1-4 physical issues which you aim to focus based on your specific needs

  • Release negative energies and restore balance with the guidance of your subconscious mind and the use of The Emotion Code and The Body Code

Ideal if you are or have any of the following:

  • Any sort of physical discomfort, whether old or new

  • Cycles or patterns out of balance, e.g. trouble sleeping, irregular menstrual cycle, lack energy, etc.

  • Sensitive to certain food or materials, causing physical reaction

your vibrant health investment:


The Beginning + Wholesome Shift


10 sessions


Wholesome Shift


5 sessions


Tom B.


Hip Discomfort Reduced

I have been told by my doctor that I have sciatica... painful left hip pain while sitting, driving, and sleeping on my left side. I was having shots, and living with a bottle of Advil close to me, especially at bedtime. After one session with Polly, the pain level went from 8 or 9 to a 2!!

I really believe energy healing is the wave of the future, and just clearing bad emotions that most of us do not even realize, can produce amazing results... Thank You Polly.


Restore inner peace and serenity from emotional chaos.

Turmoils from childhood or adulthood can haunt us a lifetime. It is possible that the felt emotional energies from the past events are stored inside of your body on a cellular level and constantly running in the background, impacting your emotions, thoughts or behaviours on a daily basis. This package may assist you to let go of the negativities that you're still clutching onto consciously or subconsciously, and help you feel more in peace with your past so that you can free yourself and start moving forward. 


  • Total of 5 remote sessions with a detailed personal session report

  • Covers 1-4 emotional issues which you aim to focus on based on your specific needs

  • Release negative energies and restore balance with the guidance of your subconscious mind and the use of The Emotion Code and The Body Code

Ideal if you are or have any of the below experiences:

  • Childhood, adulthood or global/collective turmoils or difficult events you've experienced that are still bothering you emotionally e.g. abandonment, abuse, bullying, divorce, loss of loved ones, witnesses of human-caused or natural disasters

  • Feeling damaged or incomplete from past events

  • Constantly feeling anxious, panic, sad, angry or easily overreact by certain triggers that could be past-related

  • Prefer to keep your past private - sharing your story in details is not necessary in these sessions

your emotional freedom investment:


The Beginning + Calm After Storm


10 sessions


Calm After Storm


5 sessions


Paula M.


Relief of Anxiousness

I want to give a shout out to Polly and say a big thank you to her for the Emotion Code session she did for me recently. The anxiety relief I experienced after the work she did was quite noticeable and very welcomed. I'm sleeping better, and I feel calmer. The session didn't take long to produce the results I was looking for.

I haven't experienced any noticeable anxiety. Thanks, Polly for your help!


Nurture your true love within. 

The world we're living in teaches us that we have to satisfy others to earn love. This "teaching" has become a norm in our society to the point where we don't notice its existence or see it wrong. This love earning culture often leads to self-hate and all kinds of self-sabotaging behaviours we subconsciously think we deserve. This package is for you if you're struggling to love yourself and are ready to regain your worth, forgive yourself and truly realign with the Higher Self within.


  • Total of 5 remote sessions with a personal detailed session report

  • Covers 1-4 areas of self-love, self-empowerment, forgiveness and anything around this topic which you aim to focus on based on your specific needs

  • Release negative energies and restore balance with the guidance of your subconscious mind and the use of The Emotion Code and The Body Code

Ideal if you are or have any of the following:

  • Low self-worth or self-esteem

  • Self-sabotaging behaviours and negative self-talk

  • Sense of guilt or shame

  • Negative beliefs you're holding onto are tying you down

  • Struggle to forgive yourself or others

  • People-pleasing

  • Tend to choose to put others first before yourself

  • Tend to ignore or neglect your own needs and feelings

your self love investment:


The Beginning + Love Thyself


10 sessions


Love Thyself


5 sessions



Continuation of deep clearing and balancing.

These top-up sessions are great as "add-ons' if more sessions are required for more clearing after the completion of a package. Alternatively, you can choose any 2 of the above 5-session packages to continue deep energy clearing in other areas of your life. The Emotion Code and The Body Code are used in all sessions.




single session




3 sessions


Any 2x 5-Session Pkgs


10 sessions


A blessing gift

to someone dear

to your heart.

Gift Card Options:

A$66 Discovery

A$155 Single Session

A$555 Any 5 Session Package

A$999 Any 10 Session Package

eGift Card amounts are in Australian Dollars (A$). The eGift Card amounts available are equivalent to the corresponding sessions and packages of the same amounts shown on this website. eGifts Cards do not have expiry dates, are non-refundable but transferrable.

Alicia S.


Chronic Shoulder Pain &

Financial Insecurity

One of the issues I had was chronic aggravating pain in my right shoulder. It would occur after standing too long without moving around, or after lifting something like grocery bags, or when I did a lot of bending over to do something. Now after Polly did my session I rarely get the pain. When I do it is much milder than previous. Polly also worked with me on releasing TE's (trapped emotions) around finances. Before my session, I was feeling overwhelmed with how to find ways to ease the problem. To the point that I would not recognize solutions that were being shown to me. Now I am more relaxed and listening to the voice giving me ideas that will bring about a change. I have only had one session with Polly but would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a caring practitioner. Polly makes sure you understand the process both before as well as what to expect afterwards. Her first concern is to be sure that you are comfortable with what she does.



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